Breaking news my. No Strings Attached, a glance at the Miami dating scene

Breaking news my. No Strings Attached, a glance at the Miami dating scene

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    Thank you for visiting Miami where character, cleverness and integrity usually do not matter. Where in fact the man that is metro-sexual more hours doing their hair compared to the girl he’s venturing out with does. And where what exactly is using your top or perhaps in your wallet really describes the kind of individual you will be and when you might be dating material.

    Finding and maintaining a meaningful relationship in a town that has been known as the sexiest in the us earlier this current year, ’s almost impossible. Aside from the constant competition for a person’s attention and maintaining the fast-pace lifestyle, women and men alike have problems with the BBD syndrome — “bigger better deal”.

    A grievance created by both genders is the fact that people in Miami have a difficult time appreciating whatever they have actually in front of these since they are constantly trying to find one thing better — the second smartest thing. And therefore next best thing often includes a slimmer waistline, fuller lips and a larger rack.

    “My ex-boyfriend is 38. One of is own brand brand new girlfriends is 19 and a stripper,” stated Lisa Lorenski, 26, a lady frustrated because of the Miami dating scene. “Where does he think he lives, the Playboy mansion? We blame Hugh Hefner.”

    But Hugh Hefner isn’t the anyone to blame. Surviving in a city recognized because of its it is exquisite beaches, electric evening life and stunning people, it is hard to desire to subside.

    Miami’s culture that is dynamic vibrancy provides off the vacation vibe all year round. And getaway frequently means enjoyable. Lees verder